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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tibet Here I come 

Im going to Tibet "roof of the world"on april 18,what a dream come true,to see such amazing place

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Miss China so much :) 

Lately I miss china so much,sometimes when I sleep i will dream that im at china....Hopefully i can come there again soon,so i can meet my friends there

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sepang again 

Kemaren Mario baru aja pulang dari Sepang untuk bawa tour nonton f1 di malaysia,pas disana sempet ketemu orang orang gedean ada ruhut sitompul,big boss global tv,celebrities...
seru banget.next week kalo jadi mario mao bawa group ke singpaore..doain biar jadi ya

Sunday, January 08, 2006


bete deh data di laptop Mario corrupt..sekarang my laptop sedang ada di service center ACER moga moga data data penting bisa di selamatkan...
Bulan lalu is a busy month for me because I have to go to Egypt,Dubai Doha then continue with another group to Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen and Hongkong ...luckily everything went well and last week at January 3rd I can return to Jakarta safely..
Some crazy things happened to me during that trips is flight delay...it occured three times:
1.Kuala Lumpur - Doha ,delay for 6 hours because of steering problem..result of delay I miss my connecting flight to Cairo and I have to lay over at Doha for one night
2.Beijing - Shanghai ,delay two times...first for one hour due to weather problem then flight departure and forty minutes later must make emergency landing at Shejezhiang,Hebei Province due to mechanical failure delay for 6 hours and result of delay Im arrived at Shanghai at 1900 and must reorganize my schedule at Shanghai.
3.Hongkong - Jakarta,delay for 4 hours due to aircraft radar problem.result of delay late arrival at Jakarta should be 1930 become 2230...
I hope 2006 I can have a good year like 2005.....

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Im Going To Egypt 

friday morning im going to Egypt and Dubai..very exciting since its a new place to visit..im going to visit Cairo,Alexandria and also Dubai....

Thursday, December 01, 2005


This is my picture taken at Jiuzhaiguo early november..a very beautiful place and a very nice weather..hopefully i can come there again..... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13, 2005

At Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia 

Now im posting from Bukit Bintang Area,Kuala Lumpur,a very nice city and its one place that i always want to come back because i have so many friends here....
two days from now im going back to jakarta many things awaiting for me to do there..

Monday, October 24, 2005

Beijing Jiuzhaiguo 311005 & Malaysia trip 

Yes thats name of my next group to China,we will visit Beijing, Jiuzhaiguo, Chengdu, Emeishan, Leshan for 11 days then on the way back to Indonesia,we will transit for one night at Singapore. After come back to Jakarta for 3 hours I must catch my next flight to Kuala Lumpur to accompany my family from Switzerland,We will stay there for around 3 or 4 days.
Right now im still feeling alittle bit jet lag eventhough its been one week since Im back to Jakarta,last few days I couldnt sleep at night,terrible feeling

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Europe Trip 

I just return to Indonesia two days ago.....trip to Europe was very nice only some minor problem occured but everything running smoothly and everybody happy.This is my picture taken at mount titlis,switzerland....a very nice country...one of the most beautiful in the world...
Two weeks from now im going to China to lead another group this time from Avia tour,trip will be 11 days long and visiting Beijing,Jiuzhaiguo and also Singapore. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

With Rif at Radisson Tianhong Beijing 

This is my picture taken early september with my friend from China,Rif........Last trip is a nice trip because its been a while since my last trip to China Posted by Picasa

Me at Bali 

This is my picture taken last month at Bali island,Bali is always one of my favourite place to visit in the world..such a beautiful island,nice beach and also nice people. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nikon D 50 

I just bought a new camera before Im departing to China it was a Digital SLR Nikon D50 and the result is very good...excellent picture quality,good details as well.......I love it so much

China Trip and another Bali trip 

Last tuesday i just return from my trip to China and Hongkong and it was nice....especially at hongkong i have time to take beautiful pictures of hongkong....next monday im going to Bali to lead Thai navy group that will arrived there on 20 morning...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

been around for sometimes.... 

I just realized because of very very busy activities lately i dont even have time to update my blog...for last month (august)after return from Bangkok,I must go to Surabaya to handle group from Royal Thai Navy,they have one battle ship came from Bangkok on the way to Australia,they consist of 300 persons and I must stay at Surabaya for 5 days,and tell you the truth last month is the first time I ever visit Surabaya,its anice and big city remind me alot to Jakarta but only Jakarta is more crowded and more traffic jam.There is one local food that I love so much at Surabaya which is Tempe penyet.taste is great especially if you eat it with sambal....the taste is very difficult to describe until you taste it by your self.
Only one week after Surabaya trip is finished ,I got a call at 07 AM from my friend from AB travel they ask me to substitute one of the tour leader that supposed go to Bali because she is very sick and must be hospitalized.that group is a group from Astra Buana Insurance Jakarta and consist of 70 persons so there is two tour leader,the other tour leader is ferry,he is intern staff at AB travel.Astra Buana group is a very fun group to lead because some of them is still very young (same age like me)so we were like friends.During 3 days at Bali I have time to visit Nyang Nyang beach and also Dreamland Beach and only one comment left from my side...no wonder alot of people called Bali "Island of God".When Im at Bali I got a phone call from Avia tour and they ask me to lead a group to China from September 6-12 ,this time the tour name is China Favourite and will visit Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen and Hongkong as well...Im so happy because this group will enter Hongkong one day before grand opening of Disneyland Hongkong . I bet alot of people will come there to watch the ceremony.
Yesterday and today Im also leading a group from my friend's friend travel agent to Sukabumi,this group is from Toyota Motor Company and consist of 130 persons,Its a nice trip and also a nice hotel where we stay (Lido lakes hotel )

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bangkok lagi bangkok lagi bangkok lagi.... 

I'm going to Bangkok again next week from August 2nd to August 6th leading a group from ab travel south jakarta..wish me luck so this group can run smoothly...
Im happy to be able to go to bangkok again because i will meet some friends who lived there as usual...mr deerapong,kate and also some other friends...
tomorrow morning i will have meeting with some of the tour participants...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hemat energi 

Presiden Indonesia Bapak SBY beberapa minggu yang lalu mencanangkan gerakan hemat energi,hasilnya bisa terlihat sekarang,di koran ditulis pemakaian daya listrik menurun dan juga jalan jalan protokol di jakarta terlihat lebih gelap dan kurang berseri,ya inilah konsekuensi yang harus diterima dari semakin tingginya harga minyak dunia yang berakibat pada semakin besarnya subsidi yang harus dikucurkan oleh goverment

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Indonesia Surgeon Association Annual Meeting 

That title is my last group English name, my job this time is not as a tour guide or tour leader but as a liaison officer which is surprisingly very fun thing to do and at this occasion I met a lot of new friends, total there are 30 liaison officer hired for this event that took place at Borobudur hotel from July 12 – July 16 2005 ,total participants consist of 1000 persons from around Indonesia and also some participants from Japan.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Malaysia trip tomorrow 

Guys i'm leaving to Malaysia at monday early morning...wish me luck.....I will meet my old friend Pak finar and also aunt molly at Kuala lumpur.Tomorrow evening im going to stay at Quality airport hotel.
Here I post some pictures from my recent trips to China..one is at mount huangshan and the other taken at Great Wall of China with my friend from Surabaya.

Friday, June 24, 2005

My Itinerary at Malaysia next week... 

This is my itinerary to malaysia next week...i will bring one new tour leader for me to trained..
Day 01 Jakarta - KL - Genting by QR 621 0345-0645
Day 02 Genting
Day 03 Genting- Sunway
Day 04 Sunway
Day 05 Sunway - KL
Day 06 KL
Day 07 KL-Jakarta by QR 620 1300-1410

Hotel Used
Genting : Resort Hotel
Sunway : Pyramid Tower Block
KL : Royale Bintang Hotel

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My second Beijing Trip & Malaysia Super fun!!! 

My second trip to Beijing from June 12- June 16 is a memorable one because Im having a very good time that time.Only one pity thing is our hotel at beijing is not so good,their service is very very bad.
Around ten days from now im going to Malaysia to lead a group from Avia tour called "malaysia super fun"that group will consist of 41 persons,few days ago on the way back from beijing i just dreaming when will I go back to Malaysia again..and God hear my request....

Friday, June 03, 2005


Im at Huangshan now...to be precised im at lobby of shilin hotel...a nice hotel a four star hotel...alot of korean and japanese stay here.This morning we went from Tunxi to cable car station then go to the mountains.its a very nice place to visit.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

China again and again :) 

So this sunday im going to China as I told you before.but there is another china trip coming straight after the first one,This second trip will start from June 12-June 18 and only visit Beijing.this one I got it from one of travel agent at Surabaya.
My China Splendid group will consist of 22 persons mostly from Tasikmalaya area...more stories later when I came back from there..or if i have time I will try to post from somewhere at china or Hongkong :)